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16 kawa

The 16 Café Kawa is one of the rare places in Marrakech where gourmand breaks are a real life experience. It is also ideal at any time of the day. Apart from being a café, it is also a restaurant and confectioner that faithfully supports the spirit of the 16 Café family. This friendly place is full of the tradition of homemade dishes, where freshness, sweetness and authentic flavors are ensured.

Would you rather sit inside or in the terrace? The choice is yours. You can enjoy sitting on cozy stool-bars when you are in a hurry or on soft armchairs when you just want to chill. Or else, you can sit in the terrace to enjoy refreshing misters for outdoor lovers. In a nutshell, the 16 Café Kawa menu offers a variety of food choices, ranging from small meals to large ones. You can savor tenderly seasoned salads, hearty dishes, cakes, pastries, macaroons, homemade ice cream and cocktails and juices.



Our menu

The 16 Café’s menu offers recipes inspired by the French gastronomy. In fact, you will recognize the Hexagon’s culinary tradition throughout the dishes served.  Whether you are here for a little snack or a consisting menu: the menu will answer all your desires.

As starters, the 16 Café’s menu suggests various salads, Carpaccio as well as the famous avocado tartare. The dishes comprise consisting food, such as the heart of beef tenderloin, candied lamb, sea bream and the sea bream fillet. As for the desserts, they are greatly diversified. You can choose between evening cakes offered by the local pastry chef, homemade ice cream, chocolate fondant or macaroons.

16 kawa

Rue Yves Saint Laurent
Tel: 0524 31 00 16